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Activities On Pronoun Antecedent Agreement

For example: «In Ohio, they have a lot of peasants.» Who do they refer to? Or in the phrase «Catie told Jenny she was pretty,» which one is pretty? The first sentence could be, «Ohio has a lot of peasants,» and the second could say, «Catie said to Jenny, `You`re pretty.` To help students truly understand the pronoun-precursor agreement, it is helpful to have them look for errors in sentences and correct Thiose`s mistakes when they find them. Provide a mix of sentences so that students can also see pronouns that are well used. You can give a traditional quiz or play a game where students compete in teams to determine if the sentence is a mistake, and be the first to find that the sentence is correct or to correct the error that exists. Pronouns require small words. For example, if two names are in «either. or» or «ni». nor «, the pronoun depends on the next precursor. So when they write, «Either Chris, or the boys bring their favorite dishes to dinner» or «Either the boys or Chris bring his favorite dish to dinner,» that`s true. .

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