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Software Licensing Agreement Template Free

17. INTEGRATION. This agreement represents the full understanding of the parties and revokes and replaces all previous agreements between the parties and is considered the definitive expression of their agreement. It is amended or amended only if it is signed in writing by the parties and specifically refers to this agreement. This agreement takes precedence over all other documents that may be in conflict. The main provisions of this agreement include the duration of the licence, the scope of the licence, royalties and payments, liability limitations related to the use of the software, termination of the license agreement for reasons or convenience and standard clauses of the boiler platform. If you buy a physical copy of the software (for example. B on a CD) in an electronics store, the CLA can be displayed as a paper document or manual in the field. At the expiry or end of the agreement, the licensee may require the licensee to provide the donor with all software-related materials free of charge, provided that the purchaser has the right to retain a complete copy of all material subject to the confidentiality provisions of this agreement. Here, there are fewer optional provisions than in the standard and premium versions of the software license agreement. The included optional provisions include the provision of software, explicit reservations about intellectual property rights, guarantees and warranty restrictions, as well as contractual indications.

This form was written only for general information purposes. This is not legal advice, advertising, solicitation or tax advice. The transmission of this form and the information it contains is not intended to create a legal and client relationship, and their receipt does not constitute a legal and client relationship. You should not rely on this document or information for any purpose without seeking the assistance of a properly authorized lawyer, including, but not limited to, the verification and advice on the terms of this form, the necessary authorizations in connection with the transactions provided for in this form and all the securities laws and other legal matters provided in this form. This software license agreement can be used for computer, Internet and open-source software.

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