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Osstf District 2 Collective Agreement

Our current sick days allocation is the result of the April 2013 OSSTF agreement with the government, which amended our TBU and OTBU collective agreements for 2012-14. (No modified certification body has been issued because there is no agreement with DSBN on what these changes would have to say.) Members of the Teachers` Collective Agreements Unit now have access to 11 days of illness each year at 100% salary and 120 sick days at 90% salary. (During an LTO allowance, OTBU members are entitled to 11 sick days per year at 100% and 60 sick days per year at 90%, which are charged over the duration of the assignment.) An exception exists when absence due to the same illness extends at the end of a school year and access to the 120 days lasts only 90% of the old school year until the new school year. If the member is able to return to work at any time during the new school year, the member will receive a new allowance of 11-120 days. All 90% of sick days can be increased to 100% salary over 10 days for each of the 11 days 100% of the previous school year, for example. B 5 days of unused illness 100% in 2013-14, 50 days of illness at 90% in 2014-15 could be increased to 100%. The right of TBU members to use the 11-120 sick days is based on the language of the 2008-12 collective agreement, Article 12.01 (b): «A worker has the right to benefit from his sick leave credits … personal medical absences including illness, injury, medical diagnosis, treatment and consultation. Because of current practice, dentistry is included in «medical.» Note that sick leave cannot be used for the illnesses of parents or children covered by section 13.01 g, family care leave: «A teacher must receive leave without loss of pay of up to three (3) days for one (1) year to care for his own children, parents, spouses, in-laws or any other parent living in the household.» If family care leave is required beyond three days in a school year, the request for absence, available at FirstClass (DSBN Education Centre/Human Resources/HR Forms) as an application for leave with special circumstances (13.01 (h) as an application for leave with special circumstances (13.01 (h), may or may not be remunerated.

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