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None And Subject Verb Agreement

We received «our» rule from every important reference book on English that is now printed, including Fowler, Bernstein, Associated Press and The Chicago Manual of Style. There are no dissenting opinions. All these authorities agree that none should be splrale. Where do you make your period? In a phrase like «no one was missing,» there is an implicit nobiss that answers the question «Nothing of what?». If this name is singular, none accepts a singular verb. If this noun is plural, it is up to the scribe and the meaning of the sentence to determine whether none takes a singular or plural. «Identify the subjects» and the «statements» are dead on, and a «train derailment» is also so true. Even self-employed journalists today are regrouping. And I agree with Millie, Jonathan: youth is true; It`s disappointing to see and hear that so many people give up the s when it`s appropriate. If the noun is plural (minutes), it is up to the scribe and the meaning of the sentence to determine whether none accepts a singular or plural.

Do you intend to convey the meaning «none of the protocols have been wasted» or «none of the protocols have been wasted»? Sometimes modifiers come between a subject and its verb, but these modifiers should not confuse the match between the subject and his verb. The change from «group» to «group» is exaggerated. «A fraction of the costs have been recovered» is already correct. See Rule 9. I say a rule to address «a number» versus «number.» That`s what he`s going to say: the number vs. A number The expression of the number is followed by a singular verb, while the expression is followed by a number of a plural. Examples: the number of people we need to hire is thirteen. A number of people have spoken on this issue. No one is the pronoun of no. None of them mean «not one» or «not.» We use it as pronouns to replace names that are counted and innumerable. We use it as a subject or object: in formal styles, we use none with a singular verb if that is the subject.

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