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Epa Interagency Agreement

Nothing in this agreement should be in contradiction with current legislation, regulations or guidelines from the EPO, FDA or USDA. Where a provision of this agreement is considered incompatible with the existing authority, that provision is reviewed and amended or repealed, in accordance with the written agreement of the parties; However, the other provisions of this agreement remain fully applicable and effective. Any party member who prepares a press release, participates in a promotional event or makes other public notices specifically applicable to this agreement must provide other contracting parties with prior notification of such activities. If such a public notice, advertising event and/or press release from a contracting party mentions another party participating in this formal agreement, the author will seek the official authorization of the disclosure party, which is mentioned at least 24 hours before the announcement. This agreement and its expiration may depend on the availability of funds acquired by the United States Congress. It is presumed and agreed that all funds allocated for the purposes of this agreement will be spent on the terms and conditions of the applicable legal and regulatory requirements. However, there is nothing in this agreement that requires the parties to commit or transfer funds. Specific work projects or activities that involve the transfer of funds, services or goods between the various agencies and offices of the contracting parties require the implementation of separate agreements and depend on the availability of useful resources. These activities must be authorized independently by the relevant legal authority. This agreement does not provide for such a power.

The negotiation, implementation and management of any such agreement must comply with all applicable statutes and rules. The parties will also undertake to look for ways to coordinate, if necessary, through joint promotional events, announcements and other information as part of this agreement. Implementation of this agreement is not a financial commitment of the parties. Each party and its respective agencies and offices will carry out their own activities and use their own resources, including the use of their own resources, to achieve these objectives. Nevertheless, each party will carry out its separate activities in a coordinated manner. This agreement does not prevent parties from participating in similar activities or entering into similar agreements with other public or private organizations, organizations or individuals. Nor should this agreement be interpreted in such a way that the parties support a product, service or policy of the other parties. Contracting parties avoid the exchange of confidential information. To the extent that the objectives of this agreement cannot be achieved without such a distribution, the parties enter into a separate confidentiality agreement. This agreement is not intended to create, by a party against the United States, its agencies, its executives or a person, a right, benefit or liability of trust that is legally or legally enforceable, and does not create a right, utility or responsibility of trust. PART 12 – DATE EFFECTIVE, DURATION AND TERMINATION Subject to 41 US.C.

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