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Victorian Stand Alone Community Health Services Multiple Enterprise Agreement

Community health professionals will be the lowest paid health professionals in Australia if their offer of agreement is underway this week. The opportunity to fight for better pay and conditions can only come if the health of the community […] Community health professionals from 7 Community health centres sent a resounding message to management, rejecting the non-union agreement on companies that management had proposed last week in nine centres. Results are delayed […] Nine Victorian community health centres are voting on a management agreement proposed by the administration. The proposed agreement is sub-standard at a number of levels and, if adopted, would have negative effects[…] On 12 July, VAHPA and the Victorian Hospitals` Association (VHIA) agreed on the principle of a new enterprise agreement for the community`s autonomous health. Two weeks later, VAHPA members met to get the benefits of the […] A mass meeting of delegates this week means that VHPA`s 2014 Community Health campaign will begin with a bang. Community health delegates have been contacted in recent days to invite them to a mass meeting to be held at 6:30 p.m. […] We are pleased to inform you that the vote on the multi-employer-allied health trades agreement has been successful. As part of VAHPA`s long-standing «Defending Community Health» campaign, 100 Allied Victorian health experts have now downplayed tools. Workers in the long-neglected sector have recently benefited from a wage increase of about two and a half years […].

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