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Navy Letter Of Agreement

A. The success of an international program depends heavily on the effective flow of information between participants. Therefore, representatives of participating countries on security and technology transfer should meet as soon as possible to establish information transfer channels and other security procedures. These procedures may be included in the agreement, in an appendix, or the program office may be responsible for the development of a separate security training program (PSI). See also Chapter 9, Multinational Working Group Documents for Industrial Security (MISWG). (2) Goals. This article contains a brief description of what the project wants to achieve. The concern is that it is easy to promise something that might not be allowed by the current disclosure policy. The objective should also be consistent with the legal memorandum in support of the proposed agreement and the TA/CP.

(i) obligation to link contractors to the provisions of the IJC agreement. 3. The DoD 5530.3 Directive authorizes various DoD officials to authorize negotiations and the conclusion of certain categories of international agreements. However, this authority does not exempt public servants from the coordination obligations set out in the directive. In addition, the USD (P) receiving authority reserves the right for all proposed politically important agreements, as described in point B.3. Upstairs. These agreements cover, among other things, international cooperation on the RDT-E or on the production of defence articles, services or technologies that include: 2. This chapter will not deal with the effects of international agreements, unless they deal with information security, disclosure abroad and technology transfer. For an in-depth understanding of international agreements on cooperative research and development programs, see DoD 5530.3 and the DoD International Agreement Generator computer software program, which is maintained by the Navy International Programs Office. A similar understanding of LOAs and international agreements on co-production programs can be reached in the latest issue of SAMM (dd reference). (h) a statement containing the level of classification applicable to the existence of the agreement and the level of classification of the IJC it contains.

A. the disclosure of classified information, work-sharing or sharing agreements, co-production of military equipment or compensation obligations as part of an international cooperation agreement on research, development, acquisition, evaluation or production of defence goods, services or technologies. c. The choice of a project implementation vehicle must also be considered. In most cases, the Department of Defence has no preference as to whether production is carried out under a government or commercial program. In some cases, it may be in the interest of the United States to negotiate and conclude an international agreement or an offer and acceptance to support a commercial or pro-government project.

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