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Grant Agreement Creative Europe

The body legally responsible for implementing the action for the grant-related projects and the grant recipient. The project partners in support of cooperation projects are beneficiaries. This means that their project costs are also eligible. However, the conclusion of the agreement and the payment of the grant are always awarded exclusively to the project manager/coordinator. Proposals for cooperation projects, networks and platforms must have partners from European and other eligible countries. The only exception is support for literary translations. As part of this assistance, grants are awarded to a single publishing house. For more information on finding partners, click here. The Culture sub-program is characterized by an intersectoral approach that covers culture in all its forms, including performing and visual arts, heritage and literary translations. Activities devoted exclusively to the audiovisual sectors are not eligible under the Culture sub-program. However, audiovisual activities can be considered, provided they are adjacent to activities in the non-audiovisual cultural and creative sectors.

Activities devoted exclusively to the audiovisual sector are covered by the Media sub-programme. Organisations from the 28 Member States of the European Union can apply. In addition, third countries that have signed agreements with the European Commission can apply. Here is a list of eligible countries. The partners of a cooperation project must sign a mandate by which the signatory gives the coordinator the power to act on his behalf and on his behalf during the implementation of the project and commits to make a specific financial contribution to the project. The mandates signed by all partners are attached to the application and, if selected, attached to the grant agreement. The eligibility of expenses is set in the grant agreement/subsidy decision, but no grant can be granted retroactively for actions already completed A grant can only be granted for an action already initiated if the applicant can demonstrate that the appeal must be commenced before the decision/agreement is signed. Only organisations with a legally binding status of two years (from the day of the filing deadline) and whose work is in the cultural field can apply. There is no minimum duration for cooperation projects. The maximum duration of projects funded for both the smallest and the largest number is 48 months.

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