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Coo Employment Agreement

As a COO, you agree to return all confidential information, including all trade secrets, within three (3) calendar days after the termination of your employment relationship for any reason. To the extent that you maintain confidential information and/or electronic business secrets on computers or other electronic devices that belong to you, you agree to irretrievably delete all this information and confirm the deletion in writing with the company within three (3) calendar days after the termination of the employment contract. You also agree to return all real estate in your possession at the time of termination of employment with the company, including, but not limited to all documents, recordings, CDs, DVDs and other media of any type and description that are related to the activity of the company and its customers, business documents, proprietary information, intellectual property information and all copies, in whole or in part, independent or partial, all of which were created by you or not, which remain exclusively the property of the company. 8. Owned by the company. All notes, notes, manuals, manuals, working papers, annual accounts, operating documents, marketing reports and any other material used or produced in the course of the WORK of the COO are owned by the company («corporate property»). COO has no right to retain this property or copy of a social property and renounces this social property after the termination of the employment relationship. COO agrees that all patentable inventions or copyrighted works are the property of the company in relation to the work performed. In addition, all patentable inventions or copyrighted works that have been designed, created or enhanced by employees are the exclusive property of the company, and all patents or copyrights that will be issued will be immediately transferred to the ownership of the company. COO undertakes to participate fully in the prosecution or filing of patent or copyright applications and to cede to the company all interests relating to rights relating to all matters, patents and copyrights, by formal act and action, without additional or additional consideration. (b) in one way or another, to employ, interview or request a job from a person who is an employee or representative of the company or who has been employed or represented for the company within six (6) months before the end of the agreement. 9.

Confidential information. COO acknowledges that as a result of this employment, it will purchase confidential and proprietary information, including, but not limited to, information relating to the company`s business activities, trade secrets, design information, proprietary information, IP information, customer and customer lists, personnel information, financial information, business plans and company marketing information («Confidential Information»). COO undertakes not to disclose confidential information for the duration of the agreement, after the termination of the employment or to allow others. In addition to your duties, authority and reports, your coo employment contract should also deal with employers who were the main reasons for your decision to accept the position. My article deals with the delineation of your obligations, responsibilities, authority and relationships, as well as the particular circumstances mentioned above. My article also contains suggestions for your COO offer letter or employment contract to include important terms of employment for executives you rely on to accept the position. 2. Your deadline: Your job in the company is permanent. c) severance pay. The company agrees to pay six months` severance pay to COO if it is dismissed without cause in the event of a change of control, a change of employment or dismissal.

c) Full agreement. This agreement contains the entire agreement and agreement between the parties and replaces all prior or concurrent agreements, assurances and guarantees, written or oral among themselves, which comply with the

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