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Consensual Relationship Agreements

If applicable, all disputes arising from the social relationship or this agreement are settled by arbitration. «In the era #MeToo where harassment charges have increased dramatically when two employees are involved in a romantic relationship, an employer is a way for an employer to protect its legitimate business interests, to maintain productive and effective employment without harassment, to get employees to sign a love contract,» says Beth Zoller, JD, a legal editor at XpertHR. Kathleen Wobber, a lawyer with 25 years of experience in family and corporate law and representing a number of companies and executives as an occupational lawyer, shares recent experience as an executive representative in a large company who had a relationship with a woman who was not her subordinate but worked at a lower level in the organization. Kluger recommends a culture of transparency in employee relations. A consensual relationship contract provides employers with a management tool. The contract can be short, he says, simply a signed document stating that a couple is in a consensual relationship with the promise to notify the employer if their status changes. (XpertHR provides a standard contract. Logins required.) The social relationship is not contrary to the employer`s anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy and participation in the social relationship has not been established as a condition or duration of employment. Surveys showed that about 60% of people had a relationship with a co-worker, and that appointments between co-workers were almost inevitable in your workplace. It can cause headaches when relationships are acidic or when romanticism is one-sided, and create hostile work environments when workers complain of glovestlingstis. But what can we do about it? The answer may be to get their beloved employees to sign a consensual relationship agreement. Although romantic relationships in the workplace are quite common, you have reason to worry about employee meetings.

Some have asked employees to sign consensual relationship contracts (or «loves»). Others have a hand-off approach. But in this context, where the media are engaged almost daily in new allegations of inappropriate behaviour, employers who have looked the other way are starting to fall, and some are changing their minds about the role they should play in monitoring the potential impact of office novels. «The love contract will justify that the relationship is voluntary and consensual, without mink or coercion, and that if the relationship ends, people will not sue the employer for harassment,» zoller says.

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