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Christchurch Call To Action Agreement

Today`s work is only the first step towards a common goal of eliminating terrorist content on the internet. But the steps taken to achieve this are not limited to what has been done today: an agreement has been reached to continue cooperation to improve collective security. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stressed U.S. support for the principles of the appeal. The Christchurch Call is an action plan that engages governments, international organizations and internet actors to take a number of measures, in particular: the development of instruments to prevent the downloading of terrorist and violent extremist content; Combating the causes of violent extremism; Improving transparency in the detection and removal of content; and ensure that algorithms developed and used by companies do not direct users to violent extremist content in order to reduce their virality. The appeal takes into account the fact that state regulation alone will not be sufficient to solve the problem. It is necessary to invite the creativity and technical know-how of internet companies and organisations to find solutions while guaranteeing respect for the freedom of the internet and preserving the ability of the internet to act as a force for good. In christchurch Call to Action – named after the New Zealand city where 51 members of the Muslim community were murdered in a terrorist attack broadcast live on 15 March 2019 – 10 heads of state and government and international organisations, as well as leaders of major technology companies, have pledged to carry out a series of collective actions aimed at eliminating terrorist and violent extremist content on the Internet. The United States has been implicated in a widely held agreement reached today at Christchurch Call to Action in Paris to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content on the Internet. The Christchurch Call to Action is an action plan that engages governments, international organizations and internet companies to take a series of measures, including: [35] Isaac Kfir, «The Christchurch Call – so close, yet so far,» Policy Forum, 27 June 2019, It is significant that technology companies have committed to reviewing their business models and taking steps to prevent users from falling into online extremist rabbit holes that could lead to radicalization.

Through the Christchurch Call – named after the New Zealand city where, on 15 March 2019, 51 people from the Muslim community were killed in terrorist attacks broadcast live on the internet – 10 state, governmental and international organisations, as well as major players in the digital sector, pledge to take joint steps, in coordination with civil society, to eliminate this content online. The call is the culmination of several weeks of intensive work in many government departments, involving thousands of officials to develop the document and gain global support just two months after the terrorist attack. [48] Claire Fernandez, «Christchurch call – pseudo-counter-terrorism at the cost of human rights?», EDRi-European Digital Rights, 22 May 2019. However, the White House will not sign the agreement because the United States is concerned that it will conflict with the constitutional protection of freedom of expression. On May 15, 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, as well as heads of state and government and leaders of international organizations, technology companies and organizations, met in Paris to accept Christchurch`s call for action to take action on the Internet against terrorism and violent extremism.

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