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Yacht Broker Commission Agreement

YachtCloser offers a simple and turnkey approach to manage all the forms and contracts necessary for the management of your boat and yacht sales business. YachtCloser comes pre-installed with over 100 different forms and contracts so you can start selling boats. In addition to the standard YachtCloser forms, we have also partnered with the country`s leading broker associations, so members can only access their proprietary forms through YachtCloser. As with any contract, it is important that you read all the terms carefully before signing. In some cases, the yacht broker may receive a commission under a central agreement, even if the yacht is not sold. For their commitment, yacht brokers receive a commission after completing the yacht sale, which is usually 10%. The distribution of the commission between the representative of the yacht buyer and the representative of the yacht owner is usually 60/40. However, in some cases, the distribution of the yacht broker`s commission is 50/50. After reaching an agreement, advertising your yacht is the first step. As a rule, the broker will make sure that your boat is photographed and that convincing descriptions of the photos are written. They also list specifications that include year of construction, manufacturer, model, specifications, and a solution of the boat`s condition and current condition. Your broker will do the research and have access to current selling prices and will usually have the experience of realistically evaluating your boat.

Yacht owners` representatives use their yacht broker commission to cover digital advertising campaigns, ongoing marketing, promotions, and other efforts focused on selling the vessel. Trusted yacht brokers who are buyers` representatives will guide you to the best possible offer where all parties are happy. When it`s time to seriously consider a boat, it needs to be taken out and measured – something that is usually paid for by the buyer, although this is negotiable, as with anything that happens in a sale. Never use an appraiser recommended by the broker or seller; It is important to hire an independent and qualified evaluator (see links below) who has no part in the outcome.

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