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Parenting Agreement Between Mother And Father

In considering the relationship between the custody agreement and compliance with child support, it is important not to assume that there is a link between cause and effect. For example, it is not clear whether non-resident parents who speak to children tend to have more to do with their children or whether participation in their children is more likely to have non-resident parents provide assistance. Several studies have compared the outcomes of children living with their mothers to those living with their father in exclusive custody. The results are contradictory and more than a little confusing. Differences in the sample, refinement of the analysis (e.g.B. the use of appropriate control variables such as parental conflicts, social class and age of children) and the different measures of children`s outcomes undoubtedly explain the differences in the outcomes of the effects of maternal residence and paternity regimes. Analysis by Pearson and Thoennes (1990) showed that respondents` satisfaction with their ex-spouse`s education benefit varied by type of care: 30% of lone mothers were satisfied, as well as 50% of fathers and parents with shared custody and 65% of co-custodial parents. From the perspective of ex-spouses with joint custody, 90% of their former partners had good relationships with the children. This is comparable to 50% for single mothers who keep and 60 to 65% of single fathers who keep their custody rights and for parents in common custody.

Most authorities stress that a joint childcare agreement is the best way to operate when parents communicate regularly and have a cooperative relationship in the upbringing of children. Sources of conflict have the potential to be more numerous when children live in two dwellings, as frequent interaction between parents is considered necessary. In addition, the type of parenting changes after divorce. Former couples who, when married, were used to sharing decisions and responsibilities on a daily basis, must adapt to new methods of education, a situation that can be a source of hardship. The adaptation of children to divorce has long been considered to be related to conflict between parents after divorce, although the relationship is recognized as complex (e.g.B. Lee, 1997). One of the many problems with this research is that conflicts can be defined and measured in a variety of ways.

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