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Operational Balancing Agreement (Natural Gas Industry)

SCHEDULE 3: Gas Balancing General Section A of this Schedule 3 sets gas compensation with an Operational Balancing Agreement (OBA) and Section B of this 3 defines gas compensation without an operational balancing agreement. Gas imbalances occur when a homeowner does not receive his proportional share of gas production relative to his proportional share in gas production relative to his interest. An overproduced owner is an owner of interest who has sold more of his proportional share in gas production; Whereas a part too little produced has sold less of its proportional share in production. Suppose, for example, that the owners of the labour interests, A and B, each hold a 50% stake in a property. Owner A does not have a gas contract and B sells all the gas produced by the property. Owner A is by-product and Owner B is property. Owner A is by-product and Owner B is over-produced. Currently, gas imbalances between workers` owners are common in the oil and gas industry. Among the obvious gas compensation situations that require an engineer`s attention are the planning of the gas flow between shared interconnections and/or multiple buyers, the appointments and attributions of gas production between buyers, and the timing of compensation imbalances. Among the less obvious situations to be assessed by engineers are the ownership of overproduction/underproduction at the time of acquisition, the suspension of the sale of an overproduced part, once it has produced its share in the reserves, the allocation of plant liquids, if all parties do not sell gas, the price based on the gas paid for cash compensation, and the commitments of operators and non-operators. In this document, the engineer will become familiar with a knowledge of the work on the current situation of the gas balance, identifying some of the unbalanced problems and proposing practical solutions.

In addition, there are federal regulations, the practical solution. In addition, the federal rules that helped create the current gas marketing environment and contributed to the imbalance will be briefly reviewed. Finally, current accounting issues will be discussed and a proposed Standard Gas Offsetting (CCM) contract will be presented as Appendix A. .

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