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Northridge Finance Lost Agreement Number

My mileage limit is too low / I`m doing more miles than originally estimated – can I change my agreement/refund to reflect this? Click on «Online Account Management Tool» to access it. Please note that you need your 12-digit Northridge contract number, date of birth, and bank account number from which your payment is made to register. My mileage limit is too high / I don`t do this number of miles – can I get a refund? If you have additional and relevant information in support of your objection that was not provided to us during the first application, please email** or send their application data: At Northridge Finance, we offer a wide range of financial products. These include various auto finance products (mainly through car dealerships), specialized financing of agricultural machinery, commercial insurance products, and private credit. Taking control of your finances and getting back on track might be easier than you think. Doing nothing could make things worse. Paying: Northridge Finance (depending on your agreement) Surcharges on your agreement can be made through partial statements in the customer toolkit. We understand that your circumstances may change over the life of your loan and affect your ability to pay. Layoffs, job loss, reduced working hours, illness or a new baby are examples of changes that can take a toll on your finances. Unfortunately, the mileage limit is set at the beginning of the agreement and cannot be changed. It is also used in the calculation of the balance / GMFV [Guaranteed Minimum Future Value].

If the mileage driven at the end of the deal is less than what was initially estimated, it is possible/more likely that the vehicle has equity that can go for the deposit of another car. What possibilities are available at the end of my contract? Simply fill in the required account data and indicate the option you want to apply to your account. either a reduction in the duration of the contract or a reduction in the amount of your monthly payment. Payments can be made by debit card, bank transfer or cheque. Due to COVID-19, most of our employees are currently working from home and all correspondence/requests sent to our headquarters may not be processed on time, so, if possible, use options via our customer toolkit or email* Please read the full terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Questions and Answers, how this site is funded and how the Editorial Code of. As far as context is concerned, your monthly repayments and the balance/GMFV [Guaranteed Minimum Future Value] would have been calculated on the basis of the information provided during the application phase. The rest – GMFV (or the value of a vehicle) is influenced by the number of miles driven – the higher the mileage, the lower the value. Unfortunately, the mileage cap is set at the beginning of the contract and cannot be changed (this must be rejected by restrictions/restrictions under the Consumer Credit Act and not by a Northridge Directive). However, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that the impact of excess mileage charges will be kept to a minimum.

For example, if the excess mileage is £x.xx per mile (this number will be on your credit agreement). By using this and multiplying the number of miles you think are above your mileage limit at the end of the deal, you can now start setting aside certain means, for example, a savings account. Yes, you can pay for your contract at any time. Please see the «Billing Request» section on our website. . . .

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