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Non-Disclosure Agreement Ghostwriter

When I worked as a ghostwriter, I always worried when I met competitors who claimed «dozens of sales» to publishers and «more than 100 printed books.» My ghostwriting career lasted about five years, and during that time, four of my clients sold manuscripts I had written or edited. FOUR. Neither dozens nor hundreds: four. The preparation and signing of a confidentiality agreement between the parties (the author/author and the other party) has simply never been common in the professional and amateur publishing industry. Even if you find a publisher who is happy to sign your confidentiality agreements, it is still important that you maintain the agreement. Most writers, by nature, are not legal eagles and prefer to use their word-making skills on topics other than laws. I regularly sign confidentiality agreements with some clients, especially when it comes to scripting doctoring. However, there is usually a clause that says that after X Time I can use as an example the work done for them and that I can include it in my CV and use it as a reference. Without these reservations, unless the money starts at six figures, I will not sign.

XYZ COMPANY may disclose or give access to FREELANCER NAME, proprietary or confidential information concerning its activities or business practices. FREELANCER NAME undertakes to keep all such information confidential, whether the information is identified as such, and may not disclose the information or authorize the disclosure of the information, unless this is necessary for the provision of the services and by agreement, instruction or otherwise. This provision does not apply to information that has been disclosed below by FREELANCER NAME in publicly available sources or information or that has been disclosed without fail. It`s true that you spend a lot of money to hire a ghostwriter to write a novel in its entirety, but you have options. I`m tied up for money? Ask your ghostwriter for services that save you money while doing the project. If you have a novel or similar work based on structure, summary design, table of contents, etc.

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