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How Do I Get A Reaffirmation Agreement

In fact, you shouldn`t sign a confirmation agreement without first talking to your lawyer. 394 Cf. Fogie v. Thorn Americas, Inc., 95 F.3d 645 (8th cir.) (in a certified class action lawsuit, upholding the injunction against rent-to-own companies for usurious contracts that actually calculated 48 to 746% and were contrary to state law), reh`g en banc denied (1996), cert. denied, 117 pp.c. 1427 (1997); Ortiz v. Rental Management, Inc. 65 F.3d 335 (3d Cir. 1995) (non-sale lease agreement for truth purposes in the Credit Act, since the tenant could terminate at any time). See Wade Lambert, Thorn Must Void Rental Contracts, A Judge Decides, Wall St.

J., 2 October 1995, B6. Returning to text 296 See . B meeting of the Working Group on Consumer Insolvency of the National Bankruptcy Review Board, 20. (351) This is due to the fact that the only penalty for non-signature of the confirmation is that the creditor could repossess the collateral intended to guarantee the loan. . . .

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