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The «Licence Verification Request» form is for contractors who have obtained a licence in a state that has a reciprocal licensing agreement with California. Currently, California has reciprocity with Arizona, Louisiana and Nevada. If, in the past five years, a contractor holds a valid license in one of these states and applications for a similar licence in California, he or she may be eligible for the waiver of the trade review. The lower part of the licence verification form must be completed by the licensing body in the state where the licensee received a prior licence. Most of our forms have been studied by experts in construction and consumer law in California and prepared only for us. And we keep them up to date, so you always work with valid and enforceable agreements. This form allows you to request a CSLB speaker for a function or event at least three (3) weeks in advance. . This form allows you to remove an existing classification from a license.

Once the ranking has been removed, you must submit an «additional classification request» with the required fee if you want to add the ranking back to the license. This form must be completed and submitted at the same time as the «original contract licence application» or «the applicant`s initial licence application – waiver of the examination (7065) » when additional staff are to be declared on behalf of the applicant. This form allows you to file a claim for ACTIVE projects executed by unlicensed contractors and licensed contractors. Please send this form only if you know the address of the site. If you are a party to an active project contract, please use the form above. Lead Referral Form (PDF) The «Construction Project Experience» form must be used when an «original licence application,» «additional classification request» or «request for replacement of the authorized person» is filed if required by the BSB. This form is used in addition to the «work experience certification» that was filed with the application. A form is required for each completed construction project. Use this form if you are an owner, another contractor, subcontractor or employee who wishes to file a complaint against a contractor. Public bodies can also file claims about this form. Complaint Form (PDF | Order | Online) (order) – Only approved bonding companies can order the loan form of the approved contractor. .

. . A general status letter contains up-to-date information about a license. A $8 fee must be accompanied by your application for a general status letter. The information includes the name of the company and the address, the classifications held, the owners, the partners or the managers and the qualified persons, as well as the current situation. The general status letter does not contain information on the history of the license or the commitment. Please allow me to respond for two or three weeks. Has the qualified candidate at any time in the last five years: . The CSLB may provide copies of public or other records that will reduce (delete) personal or confidential information such as dates of birth, social security numbers, residence addresses, experience records and financial information. The fact that a complaint has been filed against a contractor for the legal act does not mean that the contractor necessarily committed an infringement of the California contractors` state licence fee; No finding or judgment on the validity of the indictment should be adopted before the appeal closes. .

Copies of investigative reports cannot normally be disclosed. However, copies of complaints, such as .B formal charge and decision, or citations may be submitted. Your request should contain as much information about the seller as you do (name, address, registration number, etc.).

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