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Cisco Enterprise Agreement For Collaboration Suites Overview

Cisco Enterprise Agreement is a way for companies to consolidate all the licenses needed to use multiple collaboration platforms into a single contract. This article focuses on collaborative enterprise agreements that, as you may suspect, relate to Cisco Collaboration products. The Cisco Collaboration Enterprise Agreement can also be communicated as a «flexible plan,» so if you see this formulation, you will now be aware of its interchangeable nature. Managing and optimizing software usage across the enterprise presents significant challenges, even for the most demanding IT organizations. And with the pace of digital transformation, software management is more complex than ever. Cisco has developed the Cisco Enterprise Agreement software purchasing program, designed to deliver the right features to the right people in an efficient and cost-effective way. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement simplifies licensing management by consolidating the various subscriptions and renewal dates normally required to manage enterprise software licenses, up to a single agreement with uniform business terms. You can now enter into a Cisco Enterprise agreement that meets your business requirements and extend it later with the same agreement. Unlimited access to the entire product range under each agreement offers the flexibility of multi-platform availability. The discount on the existing license eliminates the need to try to find the perfect time for the transition.

Collaboration Enterprise Agreements` Cisco suite is the easiest way to use Cisco Unified Communications` wide range of products in the most flexible way. By clicking All Active Suites, users can generate reports for all active suites within the current virtual account. Enjoy a simplified and predictable approach to buying software with a single 3- or 5-year contract. Specific Questions About Recording collaboration Download the License Activation Manual to quickly access your collaboration tools and get more detailed information about your sequel, including how you recover media and generate licenses. Learn more about Cisco Enterprise Agreement for Collaboration Suite offers and download the activation guide to get everything you need to know to get started. Easy to buy: Thanks to a multi-portfolio agreement, you have access to software catalogs across technology domains with a unique value in each record. Simplifies and centralizes licensing management with a resilient multi-portfolio contract that covers your entire global organization. «The Cisco Enterprise Agreement has allowed us to be very agile.

It is the cornerstone of how we can secure the future of our centres and be able to be agile and flexible to make adjustments, as we need them and how our industry is evolving. For more information about the Cisco Enterprise agreement, please visit or contact your Cisco Account Manager. Look for suitable partners with Cisco Enterprise Agreement-Suites with the Partner Locator Tool. Click On Advanced Search Criteria>Authorizations>Activate the box in the corresponding Cisco Enterprise Agreement Suite. Easy to buy: Customers get a unique agreement, duration and workspace for licensing rights management – Cisco DNA Center Appliance free for Cisco DNA registration in wireless suites and/or switching with 100K net TCV (total contract value) Software Licensing Operations Software Deployment Technical Services Access and Software Upgrades License Upgrades – Generating Software Licenses without using product Keys Authorization (PAKs).

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