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Uob Cardmember Agreement

Our rights in this Agreement are not affected by other rights and remedies that we have between us by law or as part of another agreement or agreement. Loss includes claims, lawsuits, losses, damages, claims, commitments and expenses of any kind. Mobile services are the banking services and/or products that we offer from time to time via a mobile device that allows you to access your account/account and/or conduct banking and/or other transactions electronically. Payee Corporations refers to any merchant, branch, billing agency or party concerned whose invoices can be paid by card. Personal Internet Banking refers to the personalized banking services and/or products we offer from time to time via devices that allow you to access your account and/or conduct banking and/or other transactions electronically. PIN code refers to the password, login ID, PIN (personal identification number), CIN (customer identification number, consisting of a passcode and PIN), electronic identification signature or the codes that you or the authorized person used to confirm your identity or the identity of the authorized person when accessing an account. Main Cardmember refers to the main member of the card. S- or SGD is currently Singapore`s legal currency. The services refer to all services we can offer you now or in the future, including, but not limited, bank card services, cash-out services, call centre services, electronic or personal internet banking or mobile services. The additional card refers to the card issued to a person you authorize and which we approve as an additional member of your card account.

Complementary Cardmember refers to a person to whom we will issue an additional card. USD means the U.S. dollar, the legitimate currency of the United States of America. we/us/bank, United Overseas Bank Limited and will include its successors and divestment beneficiaries. You refer to the Main Cardmember and/or the Cardmember Supplement. 11.1 If you ask, we can issue an additional card to the additional card member. When we issue an additional card, all the terms of the agreement apply to the member of the supplementary card and, if necessary, that agreement will be amended to bring that clause into force. In addition to any other type of service available to us, any document of a legal action or procedure requiring another personal delivery (including, but not limited to a citation, declaration of claim, legal application, bankruptcy application) may be served on you by mail, to deliver to your last known address or leave it at your last known address in our records, and such a type of service is considered an effective personal service, even if it is returned improperly:- 4.3 We cannot, but we cannot fail to make or authorize instructions or transactions that would lead to exceeding the credit limit, and if we carry out or authorize such instruction or transaction , you are responsible for the deed or transaction. We may complete or amend the terms of this agreement from time to time by notifying you in accordance with our usual practice. The change or supplement takes effect on the date indicated in the notice of contract.

If you do not accept the change or addition of this Contract, you must terminate the use of the card and terminate the card account within 7 days of the date of our notification, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. If you continue to use the card after the change or supplement comes into effect, you are deemed to be fully accepted. 2.4 The map remains our property. You cannot transfer the card or lose custody or possession. If we ask you to return the card, you must immediately halve it (for your protection) and return it to us. For electronic cards, you must remove them from your mobile wallet in all the devices on which you have installed the card.

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