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Pak Qatar Jobs Agreement

Individual employment contracts must govern the hiring of Pakistani workers in Qatar. The contract must follow the proposal contained in this agreement and can only be amended with the agreement of both parties (Article 9). «If such a complaint is received, it will be taken back with the company for a quick resolution in accordance with the law,» she said. Human rights organisation Amnesty International said migrant workers building football stadiums are fighting for months of wages and highlighting Qatar`s ongoing labour problems. Qatar`s communications office said: «The government has made considerable progress in recent years in reforming the country`s labour system. There are still problems to overcome, including those related to the attitudes and behaviours of a small minority. It will take time, but we remain true to this task. Qadir Bakshi, a Pakistani worker who has worked on a Football World Cup football infrastructure project for the past three years, said his company had terminated his contract by claiming his three-month salary. «I used to work as a labourer in Karachi and I arrived in Doha three years ago via Descon,» he told Arab News by telephone from the Qatari capital. «I worked as an assistant on a road project that was part of the largest infrastructure project of the FIFA World Cup. You have not paid my salary in the last three months. When we sent messages to the Government Helpline in Qatar, the company terminated our services. They fired 18 people from a single project and asked us to return to Pakistan or look for another job in the Arab country. He doesn`t have the money to buy food, let alone a flight back to Pakistan,» he said.

«I live with five other friends who have borne my expenses, but I have eight family members in Pakistan who are suffering.» Another Pakistani worker, Raja Muzzaffar, from Bahawalpur, also lost his job after months of lack of pay. He had been a welder since 2018 for a company that manufactured housing units for the world championship near the main stadium. «First they suspended our salaries, then they left our services two months ago. There were 20 of us pakistanis and we lost our jobs,» he told Arab News, adding that all the laid-off workers were still living in the company`s camps because they didn`t know where else to go.

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