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Juba Peace Agreement Pdf

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok put it this way: «This is a Sudanese peace that is concluded on our own and by its own means,» and «this is not a paper agreement, but a living body that, of all of us, needs care, attention and political will.» Given the economic mismanagement of the Bashir regime, COVID-19 and the unprecedented floods, the search for resources to implement the peace agreement far exceeds the resources of the solvent Sudanese government. Implementation therefore requires sustained and generous support from its regional and international partners, including the country`s urgent removal from the list of government sponsors of terrorism in the United States, which prevents debt relief, access to granted loans and significant foreign investment. Faced with strong pressure from donor budgets, it will be difficult to raise funds, but if they continue to support a nascent democracy in a strategically important but unstable region, Sudan`s allies will preserve their long-term interests. IGAD sincerely hopes that the other armed actors and non-signatories to the peace agreement will soon join their brothers and sisters in ending the suffering. It is essential that all Sudanese participate in the future of their country and contribute to the well-being of their country. Implementation of the peace agreement on the ground will face many other challenges, given the fragility of a civil-military transitional government, mistrust and competition between signatory movements and certain political parties, as well as growing insecurity in many parts of the country, caused by armed militias, inter-tribe violence, inter-tribe violence , the proliferation of weapons and sabotage by elements of the former regime. There will probably also be opposition from groups such as illegal settlers, who see their interests threatened. After signing the Juba peace agreement on 31 August, Sudan is looking to a better future, an important first step in bringing peace to conflict zones and laying the foundations for democratic transition and economic reforms across the country. Sudan has a unique opportunity to adopt a democratic transition, but there is no room for complacency. Comprehensive reforms and a unified democratic front will be the key to peace, freedom and justice, as well as continued international pressure. IGAD recognizes that a peaceful and prosperous Sudan is in the interest of the region, which must be guided by a good example of unique, inclusive and visionary leadership.

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