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Free Trade Agreement Argentina Chile

The agreement has been the subject of five rounds of negotiations and will lead to further economic integration between Argentina and Chile. «It will allow us to integrate our stronger countries, faster and bring reciprocal benefits to both peoples,» Piaera said in a joint statement with Mauricio Macri. The agreement further strengthens ties with the Pacific Alliance and MerCOSUR countries. Thus, the miSm-ME chapter contains only a series of statements that the parties acknowledge that miSm-MES are included in bilateral exchanges. A MiSm-ME committee will then be created, the only specific objective proposed in the chapter. However, in view of the possible differences between the parties, it is stressed that the two sides are working, through dialogue, cooperation and consultation, to resolve problematic situations. According to Ravier, the Mercosur bloc has isolated itself and moved away from the world economy, unlike Chile, which has signed a large number of bilateral agreements essential to the development of its economy. There is a specific chapter of the trade agreement that focuses on gender and trade. The aim is to increase the participation of men and women in trade. This chapter also focuses on women`s economic empowerment. The free trade agreement proposes to increase the participation rate of women in both economies, which contributes to sustainable economic development.

The SME chapter contains commitments to the economy, the creation of an SME committee, support and implementation of development programmes for the benefit of this group. It should be noted that 34% of Chilean companies exporting to Argentina are SMEs. In addition, the requirement to eliminate roaming in telecommunications communications will greatly facilitate and reduce the cost of mobile calls. Finally, the modern and balanced legal framework of the Investment Development and Protection Agreement will provide more agility and security for commercial operators and investors. Argentine President Mauricio Macri has repeatedly said that Mercosur has not lived up to its expectations and wants to see the world «as an opportunity and not as a threat.» For now, the achievements have been modest. Although the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico) accepted Argentina as an «observer country» two years ago, the main objective of the Macris Cambiemos party government is now ready. It is the free trade agreement with the European Union that French President Emannuel Macron is delaying because of the powerful influence of his country`s agricultural lobby. Chile is one of the most active Latin American countries in bilateral trade agreements The new free trade agreement between Argentina and Chile has many advantages.

Whether you`re thinking about entering the Latin American market or are already in Chile or Argentina, you can benefit from these changes. Both countries are home to a plethora of natural resources and promising industries that still have business opportunities. [10] Joint statement of the Assembly Argentina mejor sin TLC and la Plataforma Chile mejor sin tLC: «Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Chile y Argentina: `Basta de Tratados sin debate y a espaldas de los pueblos,» June 2018; in: [7] The Chile-Argentina Free Trade Agreement came into force on Wednesday, May 1. This agreement will complement the agreement on economic supplements between the two countries (ECA 35), which has been in force for more than 20 years, which already allows the exchange of duty-free goods.

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