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Bretton Woods Agreements Act

CONSIDERING that, at the July 1944 United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States of America, articles were prepared on the following agreements, i.e. the currencies of the Bank`s members; and (i) payments under Article VI, Section 4, item 4, bank payments to be made to a member of the Fund pursuant to Schedule D of the Fund Agreement (which relates to the withdrawal of Fund members) or Schedule E of this agreement (which deals with the liquidation of the Fund); The provisions of Section 286b of this security apply to society to the same extent as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Monetary Fund. 1989 — Pub. L. 101-240 proposes at the end: «The Corporation`s reports in paragraphs 5 and 6 of Section (b) of Section 286 ter of this title are included in the first and subsequent reports to be prepared below, after the United States has agreed to join the Corporation.» The Minister is authorized, on behalf of the Government, to notify the International Monetary Fund of its acceptance of the amendment to the Fund`s agreement and to implement an instrument in which it is stated that the government assumes all the obligations of a special account participant in accordance with the law of that account. 4. Financial provisions. History: Cpl. 161; S.I. 84/1968, p. 2; Act 25/1969. Payments relating to the underwriting of bank shares under Article II of the banking contract and the resolution of the Bank`s Executive Committee with respect to Uganda`s membership in the Bank; The Bank of Uganda is authorized to acquire or cede special drawing rights on behalf of the Government and to make or receive payments in connection with the use of special drawing rights in accordance with the Fund`s agreement.

«funds,» the International Monetary Fund created as part of the fund agreement; b) In addition to the privileges and immunities granted under Article IX of this agreement, no tax of any kind is levied on special drawing rights or on special drawing rights transactions or transactions. (b) foreign exchange contracts that relate to a member`s currency and violate the member`s exchange rate control rules, which are maintained or imposed under this agreement, are not applicable in a member`s territory. «Fund Agreement,» the agreement to establish and operate an international body called the International Monetary Fund, drawn up at the United Nations Financial and Monetary Conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States of America in January 1944, and which is part I of the timetable for the Act; The Minister may adopt, through a legal instrument, the provisions he deems necessary to enable the government to meet its obligations as a participant in the special inquiry. Article VIII – Members` general obligations. Section 2: Preventing restrictions on current payments. Article XXVII – General Account management and Special Division is based on Section 204 of Title II of S. 2416, Congress of 80, as it was introduced on March 13, 1984 and by Pub. L. 98-473 came into effect. Payments related to the implementation of the guarantee required in Article XIII, paragraph 3, of the fund contract, i.e.

a guarantee of the fund`s assets against losses resulting from the default or default of the custodian designated under this article; ..

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