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Article 10. Of The Usps-Nrlca National Agreement

Annual leave is earned by a regular land carrier in accordance with 512.311 and under the existing collective agreement. It is taken in at least 1 day (8 hours) provided a replacement leave is available. The annual leave-sharing program provides employees with the opportunity to receive and use donated annual leave and to donate annual leave to another employee under certain conditions. The program is limited to career unit staff and collective agreements, as well as non-professional workers known as transition employees (TE) under certain collective agreements. The terms of this program are defined in existing collective agreements and mous. Instructions for the management of terms and conditions can be accessed in the annual Leave Sharing Program. Some national collective agreements provide for the possibility of leave for the workers concerned. Eligibility and other conditions of this option are defined in collective agreements and program management information. Holidays cannot be calculated for national holidays, days or absences designated by national law, which have been authorized by administrative means. After taking more than 90 days on a free lane or on a road from which a rural carrier is on an extended vacation or after a CAR has been assigned and served for more than 90 days on an assistance route, a rural carrier may benefit from the accumulated annual leave. Annual leave is granted in accordance with normal leave conditions and the terms of the existing collective agreement. It is granted at least 1 day for regular lines or 1 hour for ancillary journeys, provided a replacement leave is available. For these workers, leave is governed by existing collective agreements.

Note also: If an employee does not move to another federal authority and separates from the post office, the Eagan ASC makes available the separation facility with PS Form 2246, Terminal Leave Worksheet, for filing in the employee`s official personal file. (See 512.8. for transfers to other federal authorities) Rural aid companies are granted leave based on the number of hours worked and the corresponding leave category. Holidays are credited as deserved. These porters are given a 1-hour in-between-cree leave. . In the event of an emergency, a waiver of the prior authorization requirement is granted; However, in these cases, the worker must inform the relevant postal authorities as soon as possible of the emergency and the likely duration of the absence. The rules for the authorized absences of regular agricultural organizations, rural alternatives or on-holiday agrarians are governed by the specific conditions of the national agreement between the USPS and the NRLCA.

As a result, note that disability payments for Veterans Affairs (VA) for service-related injuries or illnesses are not retirement pensions. If a disability payment has been received and the worker is not entitled to an old-age military pension, 512.231 is applicable. If the worker is entitled to a military old-age pension, 512.232 applies. Those absent for one week of sick or annual leave are charged 5 days off. . The final official results of the 2018-2021 national agreement can be downloaded from the link below. In addition, the ratification committee`s final report is available for download: replace rural airlines and RCAs while on vacation and on duty: Law Department staff and the postal inspection service with the previous NTE inspection service will be made available effective January 5, 2019 Annual Leave in accordance with Table 1 of 512,311. July 2, 1921 is the date of a joint U.S. resolution.

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